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Welcome to Jcs Certification

Why Choose Us?

Jcs Certifications Pvt.Ltd is known to be one of the leading iso certification providers company dealing in the field of management system certification. Our certification services helps you to demonstrate that the product, processes, system or services you provide are compliant with the national or international regulations and standards. We help you to take valuable certification and services that you required for doing trade in the targeted markets, providing the assurance that you and your customers need, globally. We provide customer satisfaction through the certification and services provided by us. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who help you to take valuable and necessary required certification and services. Through a short span of Jcs Certification Pvt.Ltd. has achieved great success and flourishing with beautiful colors.


ISO 9001:2015

Need of ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)

ISO 9001:2015 is the generic Standard which is applicable to all type of Industries whether Manufacturing or service. It is applicable to all type of organisations irrespective of size and nature of business including Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited , Public Limited or the Government Undertakings.


Role of Jcs Certifications Pvt.Ltd

Jcs Certifications Pvt. Ltd. having the team of Auditor, Lead Auditor and Technical Experts who can conduct a value added Audit and contribute in the continual improvement of your organization. Jcs Certifications Pvt.Ltd. team can provide the two step audit and you are entitled for the certification of ISO 9001:2015 which is required by your customer or in tender purpose.


Benefits Of ISO 9001:2015

1. Sustainable quality assurance
2. Finding potential areas for improvement and savings
3. Greater satisfaction among customers and employees
4. Improved image
5. Reduction of risks
6. Greater economy through process improvement
7. Improved competitiveness

How It Works

Get Assistance For Enquiry and Quotation

After submitting the query,applicant is required to fill up the questionnaire provided by the Jcs Certifications Pvt. Ltd. On the basis of the Information provided by the applicant,a complete proposal Offer is provided to the applicant for their acceptance.

Application Process

After the acceptance of the Proposal Offer provided by the Jcs Certifications Pvt.Ltd. & receipt of application with application fee from the applicant, the process of certification commences with the mutually agreed "audit schedule".

Issue oF Certificate

After the sucessful Completion of application processing & all the scheduled audits,Jcs Certifications Pvt.Ltd.issue a certificate to the applicant.

Certification Extension

Whenever the clients applies for the extension of Scope/ addition of sites, facilities etc. the same is verified during a special visit or at the next surveillance audit and based upon the recommendations of Lead Assessor and verification

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