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CE Certification

If you wish to export to Europe then you will need to obtain CE Marking Self Certification. CE Compliance marking proves that your products comply with EC directives relating to health, safety and environmental protection. The EC product directives list the performance levels and safety levels to which a product must comply in order to be acceptable for sale in the European Union. Some other countries may also have regulations that are similar where CE marking is considered acceptable. EC has laid down technical specifications for a host of products and these are known as the harmonized standards.

Jcs Certifications Pvt. Ltd. has a team of CE marking experts and offers CE compliance assistance to help you gain access to international markets. We provide complete solutions and A to Z services. Following our involvement you can obtain CE approval and this has far-reaching benefits. It is a mark of confidence for buyers that your product is safe and is of the highest standard. CE marking gets you free entry within the EU and EFTA. In the event products do not comply with standards then the CE process allows withdrawal through customs authorities.